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Office Tel : 0086-371-60935338

E-Mail : exporting@hebifeihe.com

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Hebi Feihe Share Co.,Ltd.




add:No.369,Chaoyang Street,Hebi City,Henan Province,China

FEIHE Business College

On 19th, September, 2015, FEIHE Business College was established, which is the first enterprise business college in Hebi City.

The importance of insulating boots

Insulating boot is the protective shoes to make foot and the charged objects insulation and prevent the damage from electric shock.

Rain boots show of Industry Annual Conference, Feihe take the high-quality of industrial safety boots as its aim

Feibe industrial safety boot is produced by Hebi Feihe Share Co., Ltd, and its patent product-reflective mining boots mainly satisfied the need of domestic enterprise and the market share is more t...

Miners wear Feihe boots to attend the TV program

On the stage of Brilliant Chinese, four honorable miners wear Feihe boots to attend TV program of China Central Television.

The pride of the Feihe: The quality of our products has always been being put in the first place

Feihe always uphold the quality-oriented development concept. For decades, we have been providing customers with high quality and comfortable rubber boots.When we see the defective products being d...

Feihe is concerned with the national science and technology workers of coal industry

Hebi Feihe Share Co., Ltd. is on COAL SCIENCE &TECHNOLOGY MAGAZINE. The CEO and general manager of Feihe with all the staff greet sincerely to science and technology workers in coal industry.

Feihe family keep firm objectives and conquer the peeks, because unity is strength.

Recently Hebi city organized voting activities to select the most united enterprises in the city. Hebi Feihe Share Co., Ltd., as a senior enterprise and an old brand focusing on foot protection for...