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New Reflective Safety Mining Rubber Boots (half)

Product Usage :
The products apply to protect toes. They have the preventive effect and warning function for workers in the dark environment.

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Product name: New Reflective Safety Mining Rubber Boots (half) Producing area: Hebi main material: Natural rubber, cotton lining
executive standard: GB25037-2010 Function: water proof, anti-slipping, wear-resistance, safe Color: Black
Package: 1 pair/poly bag;10 pairs/carton outside
Application: Auxiliary protection for workers on mining, building, forestry,etc.

   36.5cm Height

2cm Heel heigh

45cm Perimeter of middle

1.4cm Edge width:Red

0.6cm Reflective tape width

100(G)/只 weight

  • △ SOLE PRODUCTION--- Feihe mining rubber boots line
    2.Bonging according to thickness
    3.Reflective safety,warning improved ,accident harm reduced
    4.Anti-fake,sophisticated technology
    5.100% water proof

  • △ SOLE PRODUCTION-- Feihe mining rubber boots line
    1.Reflective tape secure the the night work
    2.Light oil enhance the quality
    3.Non-slip rubber sole and anti-puncture
    4.Famous brand with registered trademark
    5.More safe and comfortable toe

  • △ Feihe mining rubber boots line----Upgrade of function-Baotou steel
    1.Steel toe protect toe better by reducing the impact of external injury
    2.Steel toe strengthened the miners’ toe safety protection by reducing the impact of kicking the clogs accidentally.
  • △ Feihe mining rubber boots line---- Upgrade of function-mobile insole
    2. Ventilate,
    3.Beriberi protection
    4.Mobile insole and convenient for cleaning and drying

  • △ Toe
    Semicircle design: Increasing the bearing surface
    of sole with even stress and alleviating harms by decreasing impact force
    60 years design experience, 60 years experience in research and development,procurement units for Miners bureau, top brand Feihe rubber boots with quality assurance

    Reducing the impact of smashing and puncture
    100% cotton material ventilate and wick well with beriberi protection

  • △ SOLE:
    Wear-resistance, water-proof,non-slip and more safe
  • △ Range of application:
    The products apply to protect toes. They have the preventive effect and warning function for workers in the dark environment.

1. Avoid oil, acid, alkali and other chemicals, not working under the high-temperature environments
2.Avoid sharp objects to impale the boots
3.Wash in cold water and use something soft to wipe off the dust on the reflective stripes. Avoid exposure or baking when dry.


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